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Dear Community,

OpenTM2 development team is proud to release the latest version of OpenTM2.

Feature highlight of this version is the support of Office 2007 (and above) file formats in OpenTM2 Community Edition (*.DOCX, *.PPTX, *.XSLX).

Another very usable new feature is the possibility to do spell checks not only in a single file now, but on folder level (thus for all files in a folder).

The complete changes list you'll find in our github repository.

Please be aware, that the automatic update of OpenTM2 version (the previous version) is not working probably. This is fixed in the current version. To update from version you have to manually download the Installer OpenTM2-1.3.0-Community-Edition-Setup.exe and execute it. It will update your existing installation.

Have fun with OpenTM2!

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