I am trying to learn a little bit more about opentm2, and maybe looks a bit crazy, but I am trying to build/compile OpenTM2.

The build-reame, let says is not very detailed, but I have managed to start the process, and now I have a question/trouble...

I have creadted a virtual machine with:

wxp SP3 + Visual Studio Professional 2010 + Net framework 3.5 SP1 + SDK7_NET3.5_SP1

As you probably should now (and now also I know), there are some weird dependencies installing VS2010 SP1 and later the SDK_7.1_Net4.0 and the visual C++ runtimes, so I prefered to keep a "basic" base environment (VS2010 and Net 3.5) instead of using a more advance setup (VS2010SP1 and Net 4.0/Net3.5)

For ICU and STAFF the provided link (http://ws.apache.org/axis2/c/download.cgi) is not working, but after further investigation we arrived to the https://code.google.com/archive/p/staff/downloads and downloaded the ws-win32-vs2010-staff-2.0.0-a2-r770-Release.7z. Hope is correct!

I also have download/installed Hunspeel_1.3.2, ICU_50.1.2, NullsoftInstaller2.46 and the NullSoftInstaller_FindProcDLL plug-in

Even though there is a warning about the OpenTM2 Scripter GUI that needs eclipse, I was thinking I could avoid the pain of all the planetary eclipse versions and java stuff, but unfortunately, some components require the java compiler too. The OpenTM2 Scripter GUI bulding readme is again is not very detailed but, avoiding the eclipse and the OpenTM2 Scripter GUI from now, I decided to install what it looks a simple environent the IBM_DevelopmentPackage_for_Eclipse_Win_X86_32_4.9.1 that includes the ibm_sdk70 (again not sure if this is fine or not...), My plan is to use the ibm_sdk70 java compiler.

So, first question -> Is the Eclipse Version: Luna SR1 (4.4.1) with the ibm_sdk70 suitable? (If not what would you suggest).

Well, now the second question:

After setting all variables in my config, the compilation started, and the compilation looks like is running without fatal errors untill it arrives to the OtmMarkupTablePlugin.mak

The mak file tries to run this cl command (c:\V1.3.0 is were we have the source files for V1.3.0)

cl /nologo /c /Zp1 /EHsc /W4 /wd4201 /wd4214 /wd4238 /wd4996 /D_WINDOWS /DWIN32BIT /D_WIN32 /D_LNG_JAP /D_MT /D_WINDLL /DKOREA /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T /D ZLIB_WINAPI /TP /DCPPTEST /D_EQF_MFC /FD /MD /O2 -Gs /DNDEBUG /IC:\V1.3.0\SOURCE\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin /FoC:\V1.3.0\OBJ\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\ /FdC:\V1.3.0\BIN\EQFSTART.PDB /FeC:\V1.3.0\BIN\ C:\V1.3.0\SOURCE\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.cpp

The error that comes up:

C:\V1.3.0\SOURCE\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.cpp : fatal error C1083: Cannot open compiler generated file: 'C:\V1.3.0\OBJ\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.obj': No such file or directory

NMAKE :  U1077: 'C:\VS2010\VC\BIN\cl.EXE' : return code '0x1'

Notice that the compiler output (we think is the output) is:


We think the command fails because the V1.3.0\OBJ\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\ directory does not exist. If we create the directory manually and run the mak again, now in the directory


The OtmMarkupTablePlugin.obj and the OtmMarkupTable.obj are created, BUT now the linking for these 2 files fails!!!!

This is the mak code that fails:


    if exist $(_OTMMARKUP_DLL)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.dll  erase $(_OTMMARKUP_DLL)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.dll

      echo ---- Linking $(_OTMMARKUP_DLL)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.DLL

    echo ---- Linking $(_OTMMARKUP_DLL)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.DLL >>$(_ERR)

    $(_LINKER) <<lnk.rsp>>$(_ERR)





    $(_LINK_LIB_CRT) $(_LIB)\OtmAlloc.lib $(_LIB)\OtmBase.lib  $(_LIB)\OtmDll.lib $(_LIB)\PluginManager.lib


we have added some output and we are sure that:

$(_OTMMARKUP_OBJ)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.OBJ -> C:\V1.3.0\OBJ\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.OBJ (This is correct, the obj is there)

$(_OTMMARKUP_OBJ)\OtmMarkupTable.OBJ ->  C:\V1.3.0\OBJ\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTable.OBJ (This is correct the obj is there)

$(_OTMMARKUP_MAP)\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.MAP -> $(_OTMMARKUP_MAP) is pointing to C:\V1.3.0\MAPWIN\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\ but this directory does not exist. As far as I now the MAP file is generated by the linker.

As the directory C:\V1.3.0\MAPWIN\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\ does not exist, we created, but it maked no difference. We get this error:

---- Linking C:\V1.3.0\BIN\plugins\markup\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\OtmMarkupTablePlugin.DLL

Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 10.00.30319.01

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

lnk.rsp : fatal error LNK1107: invalid or corrupt file: cannot read at 0x270

We suspect there is something wrong in the mak file or maybe our setup. Do you have any clue about what it could be wrong?

Thanks in advance

miguel knals



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