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As a recap of the webinar today, the presentation slides as PDF you'll find here: OpenTM2_Presentation_Webinar_2016_05_12_V1_0.pdf

The video-replay of the webinar you can find here.

As a summary for the community start-up and the next steps

Most important: Contribute your ideas, needs and wishes

  1. Feature ideas you have or bugs you find, please report to OpenTM2 JIRA
  2. For feature ideas or projects, you would like to cooperate with others about, please add a page below Community Project Planning (preferable use the content type "product requirement" for it) - or simply contact
  3. In the webinar three ideas have been contributed by the participants:
    1. to implement a new build system, that is able to build OpenTM2 in a modern environment.
    2. to document how to develop plug-ins and to develop a "Hello World" plug-in as an example
    3. to document how to install and configure the new Shared Memory component of OpenTM2 - and maybe to build an installer, that does that out of the box

This is addressed to the contributors of these ideas: Marc Mittag did create product requirement pages for these ideas as a follow up of the webinar (linked above). OpenTM2 Steering Committee would be very happy, if you complete these pages from your point of view and change the "Document owner" to your name. You can simply create a login at and do it.

The idea of this community in general  is, that many users and companies together develop features through contributing ideas, man-power and / or money - to make happen what no one can do alone: Make OpenTM2 the standard product for the language industry.

Next important: Continue with an in-person meeting on the Open Source Track of the German Localization Unconference

The goal of the Open Source track is to bring together companies and projects interested on working on community Open Source in translation industry.

The topics probably will cover anything related to using and developing Open Source software in the translation industry:

  • interconnecting different tools and projects
  • establishing more complete Open Source solutions
  • discussing feature needs
  • discussing ways to cooperate on development between projects and companies
  • and anything else the participants want to

We hope to see many OpenTM2 users and OpenTM2-using companies at the Unconference! Looking forward to shape the Localization Open Source community with you!!!

For more information please see here.

Very interesting: Crowdfunding for an Open Source Translation System

This is the first community funding initiative, aiming to integrate OpenTM2 (as Translation Memory Server Back-end), translate5 (as Webfront-end and webserver infrastructure) and Moses-based MT-systems with each other.

This initiative successfully funded the first phase with € 21.000,-- and the development of all translate5 and Moses-related topics started. The second phase now seeks to fund € 15.000,-- for all OpenTM2-related topics.

All contributions are happily welcome! For more information please see here.

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