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Background and strategic fit

It should be most easy to install Shared Memory for the community.



#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1DocumentationDocumenting how to do this on community.opentm2.orgMust Have 

An installer for the shared memory could do the installation for the user.

The important parts are, that some open source licenses do not allow to bundle the software with others.

So the installer needs to take care of this by providing dialogues, that ask the user

  • if he wants to install the needed component
  • if he wants to accept the license of the component
  • and then asks the user to start the process of installing the component by clicking "install"
  • Afterwards the installer downloads and installs the component - then this is no bundling, but the user installing an open source component.


Nice to Have 

User interaction and design

Not provided so far / not needed at this point.


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

(e.g. How we make users more aware of this feature?)Communicate the decision reached

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