Dear Community,

OpenTM2 development team is proud to release the latest version of OpenTM2.

Fuzzy Segment Search

Main new feature in this release are improvements of the "Fuzzy Segment Search" function. This function gives you the opportunity to find all Fuzzy-Matches of an OpenTM2 project:


In addition a number of bug fixes have been made.

Change list

As always, you'll find the complete list of changes in our github repository.

Auto-update & Download

With this version, auto-update is working again. So every OpenTM2 user with OpenTM2 1.3.0 installed will be able to use the auto-upgrade function of OpenTM2.

OpenTM2 users of previous versions will have to download OpenTM2 manually. For manual update, just download the installer and execute it with your old version still installed, but closed.

Have fun with OpenTM2!