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Getting support and supporting others

The "Questions"-section of this site was created for this purpose.

  • Search to find out wether there is an answer to your questions already.
  • If not, ask a new question.
  • Help others by answering their questions.

The OpenTM2 Community Support Lead is also active in this section to help you (current assignee: Marc Mittag, current sponsor: Michael Schneider, beo)

OpenTM2 Translators and Developers Reference

You can always find the most current version of OpenTM2 Translators and Developers Reference in the OpenTM2 github-repository.

It contains accurate documentation of most of the OpenTM2 features, as well as the documentation of the API- and command-line usage of OpenTM2. 

Connect to the OpenTM2 Steering Committee

Collaborate with others

This site is based on Atlassian confluence - a system made for team collaboration for software users and developers.

  • Create pages in the different spaces
  • Discuss things with others
  • Plan new features

So get involved!


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