Not sure how to handle this as this is not exactly a question but a problem, but just fyi:

By the way, not sure if the topics are quite particular. I selected "tutorial" just randomly. I would imagine "topics" with more wide scope (usability, development, bugs).

Well, finally, what i meant to say:

I have landed in the opentm2 questions (http://community.opentm2.org/questions) without loggin in.

I press Ask question (in spanish), and the message comes up telling me (in spanish) that i have to loggin. I select loggin.

The login page comes with the return page:


Pls, notice the %252Fquestions (I guess it should be http://community.opentm2.org/login.action?os_destination=%2Fquestions)

I enter user ID and pwd, and I land to a:

Not Found

The requested URL //questions was not found on this server.

URL is http://community.opentm2.org/%2Fquestions

but it should be "community.opentm2.org/Fquestions"

have a nice day


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      Hi Miguel,

      sorry for the late reply - had been in vacations for some time.

      I just checked that and it seems to be a bug in the confluence-System from Atlassian, we are using.

      I will update the system in the next time and hope, that this solves it. Keep you posted.

      What works (and this is, how you created this question, I guess) is to first log in and then ask your question.



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