Though I click on YES when asked whether I want to save the workbench it is not saved. When I start OTM 1.3.0 again I have to arrange the windows again and reenter the filter used. Does anybody know how to change this behavior without reinstalling OTM?

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      the click on "save" should save window positions and layout of the workbench, but not the filter settings. The latter is no feature of current OTM.

      Saving the filter settings would be a new requirement for OTM, which could be developed through community funding.

      That the saving of the window positions does not work is a known bug in certain rare cases under windows 10, which is hard to reproduce and evaluate for developers.

      I do not know, if an reinstallation would solve that - I would guess "no" - but it is worth a try. 

      1. Marc Mittag

        Is windows 10 your operating system?

      2. Doro Siebecke


        thanks for answering. No, I have Windows 7. Is it a rare bug on Windows 7, too? Concerning the filter settings there might be misunderstanding: As far as I know from my colleagues OTM does save activated filters like "translator equal xyz."


      3. Marc Mittag

        Yes, that the window positions and size are not saved may also be a bug on Windows 7. 

        This is very hard to reproduce and fix it, since in most situations for most users it works.

        Do you have an OpenTM2-version running for a long time with a lot of folders, TMs and dictionaries?

        The best would be to export your data, completely delete the folder c:\OTM and reinstall OpenTM2.

        Afterwards reimport your data. Then probably the problem is gone. If no, this would be interesting to know.

        Regarding the filters: According to IBMs development team saving the filters when saving the workbench settings and closing OpenTM2 is not an implemented feature and for me at least it does not work. So maybe the information of your colleagues in this regard is wrong?

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