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I'm trying to work with a Word document which is basically a table with text, lists and some pictures. Mi problem is that I can't find the correct markup table to work with this document (after import it I get a lot of tags and the yellow marker includes part of the tags). If I go through the help files I find that for working with Word documents I need to use the markup table called "EQFMSWRD" but I cant find anything similar to this in my properties window. Instead of it I find lot of markup tables with names starting with "OTM...".

I tried using RTF, ODT, HTML and using the Markup table called OTMMSOFC and it doesn't work neither.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

  1. Marc Mittag

    Hi Dario,

    sorry for answering so late - the system somehow did not notify about your post.

    The markup table OTMMSOFC should be the right one. So if it does not work, there might be a problem with that table. 

    Did you solve your issue meanwhile? If you are still interested in having a solution: Could you send me your file to community-support@opentm2.org?

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    Hi Dario

    Well not sure why nobody has asked you,...

    The EQFMSWRD is a markup that is only in the IBM version. This is another good question, why so many few markups...

    You can try to export to RTF or HTML and translated with the current "open" markups.  It should work.

    For HTML is OTMsomethingHTML32 and there is a markup for rtf files.

    Pls let us know if this is not the case.

    Hope this helps

    have a nice day

    miguel canals

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