I've been unable to create an initial translation memory. I'm able to open the Initial Translation Memory Tool. I can fill up all the fields. But when I hit "Create" or "Align", I get a window which is either almost empty or filled with lots of unwanted characters. I've been trying the different markups, to no avail. I'm using Microsoft Words files as source and target files.

  1. miguel knals


    Probably my post comes to late, but just in case.

    Yes, the Initial Translation Memory Tool is a nightmare.

    If you arrived to the align segment windows with garbage, looks like the markup is not correct.

    I have very little experience in Word, so little help from my side, but there is an easy way to find if the markup is correct or not.

    Create a test folder and import you file with markup X. Open the file, and have look if the segmentation is what you are expecting or not. If not change the markup, reanalyze again (in order to process the file again with the correct markup.

    What I am trying to say, is that the markup you have to use in the intial memory tool, is the one you would use in opentm2.

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is that, Word files usually are tricky files, and the intitial translation memory tool is not easy to be used as an occasional user.

    Have a nice day!


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    Hi Christian,

    I guess you somehow try it the wrong way. Creating an initial (empty) TM is really easy:

    1. Open OpenTM2
    2. Click "Window" -> "Translation Memory List"
    3. Right-Click in the empty white space
    4. Select "New"
    5. Enter 
      • a name
      • an optional description
      • definitely leave the type to "Local Standard Translation Memory"
      • select the source language of the memory
    6. Press "Create"

    You are done!

    You are now able to assign your TM to a translation folder on creation time of a folder or later on via the folder properties. Would be interesting to know, what you have done instead. Thanks in advance.


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