I have a translated file to Spanish language and I need to generate a translation memory for this file to analyze new files. When I import the translated file and run the Build Archive I got a message that there is no translated word. How can do it? Is there any special process to generate a memory from a translated file???

Thank you!!!

  1. Marc Mittag

    Hi Elaine,

    your translated file is bilingual, right? In which format and how did you import it? Is it an OpenTM2 xliff folder? 



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    Hi, Marc. Tks for your reply

    Yes, my translated file is bilingual. The source language is English and the target language is Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

    My file type is .properties (or txt).

    So, I've created a new folder in TM/2 and Import this file into the created folder. Due to I have a lot of files to translate, I need to create a memory of this file u use it to analyze others.


    Step by step

    1)In the folder list, File --> New

    2)<Folder name>

    3)Source Lang: English

    4)Target Lang: Spanish

    5)Markup: IBMNJDK2

    6)Translation Memory: NEW

    After creating  the folder:

    1)Open the folder and in the document list, right-click and New

    2)Select the Spanish translated file from my local path

    3) Import from External Format


    After importing the translated file:

    1) Select the Folder that contains the translated File;

    2) Utilities–>Build Archive Translation Manager

    3)Select the document and the Memory to be created and click on Build

    3) I always got the Message: No translated segments found.

    Please Advise.

    The file that I've imported is something like this:

    addExtraParamWindow.buildPanel.items.filter.filterCommand = Filtrar
    addExtraParamWindow.buildPanel.items.filter.title = Filtrar
    addExtraParamWindows.buildPanel.items.title.columnJoinsFieldSet = Uni\u00f3n
    addExtraParamWindows.buildPanel.items.title.destination.emptyText = Seleccionar la Tabla de Destino

     Thank you!!!



    1. miguel knals


      Excuse, if I am wrong, but not sure what is the approach you are following.

      As far as I understand you have 2 set of files, English and Spanish (and another set Eng<->pt-br)

      If you want to create a memory of these files to use in future translations, I think your approach is not correct.

      Usually if you are translating form eng->spa, after you have to create a eng->spa de folder, you have to import the source files (eng). Then you translate them in opentm2. The files will be in you target language (spa). During the translation the translation memory will be filled with eng-spa segments. The steps you let us know are just to "recreate" the translation memory again from an Spanish files folder (this makes no sense as the files you import in a folder are the source (eng) not the target(spa))

      The opposite way (starting from a set of eng and spa already translated files) is little bit more complex. I understand that you want to build a memory starting from the English and spa files.

      If this is the case, opentm2 provides a tool, that allows you to create a translation memory to be used in future translation. Type "Initial Translation Memory" in the windows search (or OtmItm.exe)

      In this tool you have to specify the Translation Memory you want to create, the markup, source language, target language, and were are the files.

      Please, be aware that this tool is not 100% automatic, it needs human supervision and some corrections (sometimes). I only have used it from time for time, so every time I have to deal it, drains all my patience, as it is a little bit tricky and the help is a little bit cryptic (or my intelligence is not enough, as probably it is not (smile)).

      If you want to have a look about how is the process, go to opentm2 Help-> Translator Reference Guide (PDF), search for the "Creating an Initial Translation Memory" and you will have your start point!

      If you do not like this approach, other "plain" alternatives is create  and eng->spa folder, import the eng files and translate them again. (It would be an easy translation as you already have the Spanish files as reference, and you maybe could use for instance xbench to copy them). If the number is low (maybe 3000 words o even a little bit more probably you will finish before). If the number is high I would not doubt and I would go thru the initial translation memory" tool.

      Well, not sure if this was or not your problem, but just in case, I post it!

      have a nice day!

      miguel canals

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